Engineering Manager Jenni Tuulos

Jenni Tuulos, Head of Design Studio

Jenni Tuulos was appointed Innokas Medical’s Helsinki Site Engineering Manager in 2014. Today her role is to lead Innokas Medical’s Design Studio as Head of Design Studio. Before that she worked in various roles at Innokas, including Project Manager and Account Manager. Today when working as a supervisor, Tuulos wants to invest especially in inspiring and motivating employees.

In design service business we have to see our resources as our biggest asset. As a supervisor, I want to invest especially in inspiring and motivating employees!

I have master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Tampere University of Technology, graduated at 2002. At the end of my studies I was an exchange student at Griffith University’s campus at Surfer’s Paradise, on the East Coast of Australia.

I started my work career as an Intern and Thesis Worker at Instrumentarium Imaging at 2000. Since then I worked at Instrumentarium and GE Healthcare as an Electronics Designer, Technical Product Manager, Lead Program Integrator in R&D and product marketing departments. I came to work at Innokas in 2009, at first to work as a Project Manager. The R&D department at Helsinki was only 6 people at that time, since then we have evolved to the excellent team we are today. Before moving to lead Innokas’ Engineering Department in Helsinki I worked as an Account Manager on Innokas’ sales team. As an Account Manager, I negotiated with Innokas’ Key Customers regarding continuation of current R&D and manufacturing services as well as new projects. In 2014 I was appointed Innokas Medical’s Helsinki Site Engineering Manager. Today I work as a supervisor for the Helsinki office’s engineering team, and I am also responsible for planning resource allocations and recruitment services for Innokas’ Engineering Department together with Kempele’s Engineering Manager. At the same time I am also responsible for the general matters of the Helsinki office.

Most challenges I have in my current role are in finding the balance between the allocation of our engineering teams between customer projects and internal development, and continuous improvement of working methods and processes. On the other hand most rewarding is seeing when a project team works seamlessly together, and moments when customer need and the competence and motivation of my team member truly meet and as a result of that we have a happy customer and a motivated resource with increased knowledge and capabilities.

I enjoy working at Innokas a lot – I’ve done so from the day one. The size of the company is nice, it’s been growing steadily and I feel I’ve really had a chance to be in various roles, in contact with many types of customers and really have an effect on the way we work and contribute to our customer projects. Today as a supervisor, I want to invest especially in inspiring and motivating employees. I would like to be easy to approach, and in managing people it is also important to take employee inspiration and motivation into consideration — I want to place even more effort in this in the future.

On my free-time I go orienteering with my kids, overall we pretty much like to go out in the nature and summer cottage. I also enjoy everything related to food, making it, growing it, baking and eating it, as well as going out to wine and dine. I would like to travel more than is possible at the moment, but maybe that’ll be different again someday, one’s got to have goals.