VC150 Software, Current Version

Monitor version R8 SW 1.7.25.

Major changes to previous version:

    • Cybersecurity enhancements.
    • WEP and EAP-FAST support from WLAN connections removed.
    • Remote Web Server functionality disabled.
    • This software update requires a new unique device specific BASE license key, which can be ordered from GE Healthcare.

VC150 Manuals, Current Versions

Operator’s Manual

Language Code Name
Danish KO00070H VC150 Operator’s Manual – DAN
Dutch KO00071I VC150 Operator’s Manual – DUT
English KO00065R VC150 Operator’s Manual – ENG
Finnish KO00072L VC150 Operator’s Manual – FIN
French KO00073H VC150 Operator’s Manual – FRE
German KO00074H VC150 Operator’s Manual – GER
Italian KO00077G VC150 Operator’s Manual – ITA
Norwegian KO00079C VC150 Operator’s Manual – NOR
Portuguese KO00081G VC150 Operator’s Manual – POR
Spanish KO00083H VC150 Operator’s Manual – SPA
Swedish KO00066G VC150 Operator’s Manual – SWE
Turkish KO00084E VC150 Operator’s Manual – TUR
Slovakian KO00092C VC150 Operator’s Manual – SLO
Indonesian KO00238B VC150 Operator’s Manual – IDN

Quick reference guide

Language Code Name
Danish KO00100H VC150 Quick Reference Guide – DAN
Dutch KO00101H VC150 Quick Reference Guide – DUT
English KO00095L VC150 Quick Reference Guide – ENG
Finnish KO00102J VC150 Quick Reference Guide – FIN
French KO00103H VC150 Quick Reference Guide – FRE
German KO00104H VC150 Quick Reference Guide – GER
Italian KO00107G VC150 Quick Reference Guide – ITA
Norwegian KO00109B VC150 Quick Reference Guide – NOR
Portuguese KO00111G VC150 Quick Reference Guide – POR
Spanish KO00113H VC150 Quick Reference Guide – SPA
Swedish KO00096G VC150 Quick Reference Guide – SWE
Turkish KO00114E VC150 Quick Reference Guide – TUR
Slovakian KO00122B VC150 Quick Reference Guide – SLO
Indonesian KO00239A VC150 Quick Reference Guide – IND

Supplies and accessories

Language Code Name
Danish KO00130I VC150 Supplies and accessories – DAN
Dutch KO00131I VC150 Supplies and accessories – DUT
English KO00125Q VC150 Supplies and accessories – ENG
Finnish KO00132K VC150 Supplies and accessories – FIN
French KO00133I VC150 Supplies and accessories – FRE
German KO00134I VC150 Supplies and accessories – GER
Italian KO00137H VC150 Supplies and accessories – ITA
Norwegian KO00139D VVC150 Supplies and accessories – NOR
Portuguese KO00141F VC150 Supplies and accessories – POR
Spanish KO00143I VC150 Supplies and accessories – SPA
Swedish KO00126H VC150 Supplies and accessories – SWE
Turkish KO00144F VC150 Supplies and accessories – TUR
Slovakian KO00152D VC150 Supplies and accessories – SLO
Indonesian KO00240C VC150 Supplies and accessories – IND

Service manual

Language Code Name
English KO00094T VC150 Service Manual – ENG
On CD CD00015O VC150 Service Manual CD

Configurator Guide

Language Code Name
English KO00225B VC150 Configurator Guide – ENG

Depot repair guide

Language Code Name
English KO00187G VC150 Depot Repair Guide – ENG

HL7 reference manual

Language Code Name
English KO00199C HL7 Reference Manual – ENG

Multilingual Manual CD

Language Code Name
All CD00014Q VC150 Multilingual CD

Manual kits

Language Code Name
Danish KO00160K VC150 Manual Kit – DAN
Dutch KO00161K VC150 Manual Kit – DUT
English KO00155M VC150 Manual Kit – ENG
Finnish KO00162M VC150 Manual Kit – FIN
French KO00163K VC150 Manual Kit – FRE
German KO00164K VC150 Manual Kit – GER
Italian KO00167I VC150 Manual Kit – ITA
Norwegian KO00169C VC150 Manual Kit – NOR
Portuguese KO00171I VC150 Manual Kit – POR
Spanish KO00173K VC150 Manual Kit – SPA
Swedish KO00156I VC150 Manual Kit – SWE
Turkish KO00174D VC150 Manual Kit – TUR
Slovakian KO00182C VC150 Manual Kit – SLO
Indonesian KO00242B VC150 Manual Kit – IND

VC150 Declaration of Conformity

Please download the VC150 Declaration of Conformity here: